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10 reasons to gain essential skills

Essential skills, functional skills or skills for life – all terms used to describe a group of subjects useful in everyday life and work. These subjects cover maths, English and digital skills (the use of computers, also known as information technology.

Gaining skills in the use of digital technology, maths and the English language will boost your confidence and prospects. We’ve highlighted ten great reasons to consider brushing up on your maths, English and digital skills below.

  1. Gain qualifications that employers will recognise, boosting your CV ready for job applications or helping you to progress in your place of work

  2. Boost your confidence and ability to help your child with homework and understand communications from their school

  3. Make completing an online application form easier and improve your prospects of getting a job as a result

  4. By improving your understanding of numbers, you can confidently budget and understand your finances

  5. Surf the internet with confidence to complete work tasks, use software with ease and manage files on your computer

  6. Leverage the power of digital technology to keep in touch with family and friends using online video calling, email and much more

  7. Make your money go further by increasing confidence and control of money, as well as understanding receipts and bills

  8. Use newfound digital skills, ability to use spreadsheets and handle online documents as well as produce written work with confidence to progress at work or get a job

  9. Enjoy reading books, newspapers and magazines for leisure and to find out what is happening in your community and the wider world

  10. Improve your ability to solve problems and gain other transferable skills for many walks of life and work

Our essential skills courses range from Pre-entry to Level 2, and help you to improve your reading, writing, speaking and listening; supporting you to work with numbers with confidence; and boost your abilities with the use of computers and technology.

For more information, click here or contact the team by email at or call 01670 622 099.

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