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Apprentice with teacher representing apprenticeships available from Northumberland Skills

Earn while you learn with an apprenticeship

At Northumberland Skills, we offer a wide range of apprenticeship training opportunities designed to boost your knowledge and on-the-job skills.

What is an apprenticeship?

If you want to earn a salary whilst gaining a trade or learning new skills to boost your career opportunities, an apprenticeship with Northumberland Skills is a great choice.

Apprenticeships offer a mix of training and skills development plus on-the-job work with an employer. This means you’ll have a job with an employer and be a working member of their team, whilst continuing to develop skills essential to your job and personal development.


Alongside your job, you'll spend time at Northumberland Skills where you’ll benefit from a tailored programme of training to complement your job role and boost your skills and confidence.


You will complete coursework to achieve nationally recognised qualifications, all the while you'll be getting paid by your employer, so it really does offer the best of both worlds.  

Apprenticeship training programmes from Northumberland Skills

Explore your career of interest below and contact us by email 

or call 07976 847 900 with any questions you have.

To find out more about current vacancies, you can find all current internal apprenticeship vacancies from Northumberland County Council on North East Jobs here and you can find all external apprenticeship vacancies on the .gov website here or by pressing one of the buttons below.

Useful downloads

Whether you're leaving school or looking to change career, an apprenticeship could be perfect for you.

Our apprenticeship training programmes, include: business admin, catering, childcare, welding, health and social care and more, download our pre-apprenticeships leaflet here, or download our apprenticeship leaflet here, or click one of the buttons below. 



Looking for a career in construction?

If you're want to find out more about our range of construction pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship training programmes, download our construction apprenticeships leaflet here, or click the button below.

Recruiting staff for your school or academy?

Are you a school or academy looking to recruit curriculum, catering or business support staff? Have you considered taking on an apprentice?

Download our schools and academies leaflet here, or click the button below.


Catering Apprenticeships


An apprenticeship in catering and professional cookery will prepare you for a variety of professions across the catering and hospitality sector, including: training to be a chef, bar staff, barista roles, food service and management. 

Education and Early Years Apprenticeships

Boost your career prospects in the fields of education and early years - we offer a variety of routes to gain the skills and experience required in careers including: early years educator, early years practitioner and teaching assistant.

A\Female adult with young female child representing childcare and education apprenticeships
Apprentice working in electrical installation

Construction Apprenticeships

We have a wide range of apprenticeship training available to hone your skills and future career in the construction industry, including: electrical installations and interior systems (plastering), as well as numerous other construction industry skills.

Health & Social Care Apprenticeships

Become a confident and skilled care worker with an apprenticeship training programme from  Northumberland Skills. You’ll gain the skills to help you to progress in your career as an adult care worker or lead adult care worker. 

Young female adult with elderly female representing apprenticeships in health and social care
Female adult typing on PC representing apprenticeships in professional services

Professional Services Apprenticeships


Supporting your business career path, we offer a wide range of apprenticeship training programmes across professional services, from business admin to customer service, plus leadership and management development, to grow your corporate career.

Welding & Fabrication Apprenticeships


With an apprenticeship in welding and fabrication, you’ll gain skills in a variety of welding techniques including TIG & MIG welding as well as cutting, marking out and CNC work at our state-of-the-art training centre at Port of Blyth.

welder inside a large pipe
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